SanVar Staffing: A Certified WorkRecords Supplier

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SanVar Staffing: A Certified WorkRecords Supplier

SanVar Staffing is proud to announce that it has become a WorkRecords Certified Supplier. This means that SanVar Staffing staff have successfully completed a comprehensive training and testing program on WorkRecords core product and can provide clients with a full understanding of how to use the platform and its powerful features. As a Certified supplier, SanVar Staffing can assist its clients in achieving their goals of security and financial control by using the software platform’s full capabilities.


What Is WorkRecords?

WorkRecords is a cloud-based network platform providing solutions to major issues encountered when a corporate workplace includes a mix of employees, contract & temp workers, service & supply staff, outsourced workers, and inspectors & auditors – a multiple-employer workforce.


SanVar Staffing: A WorkRecords Certified Supplier

SanVar Staffing is a WorkRecords Certified Supplier. To achieve this, SanVar Staffing personnel have passed a rigorous training and exam process on the core product offered by WorkRecords. This certification empowers them to offer clients a full working knowledge of the platform, leveraging its powerful capabilities. While SanVar Staffing may have utilized WorkRecords in the past, the platform offers key advantages to advanced users who are certified. As a certified supplier, SanVar Staffing can help its clients efficiently achieve their objectives of security and financial control through a deeper understanding of the software platform’s full features. WorkRecords serves as a widely used tool for data collection and reporting, connecting workplaces, suppliers, workers, and employers.


Becoming Certified as a WorkRecords Supplier

To become certified, labor suppliers like SanVar Staffing must have at least one staff member who has undergone an extensive training process validated by an exam. In addition, the company must maintain high standards in process and data management, including order confirmation management, worker compliance and training, editing, invoicing and credit/charge adjustments, and integrated comprehensive customer service.

By meeting these requirements, SanVar Staffing ensures that they can effectively leverage the WorkRecords platform to streamline operations and enhance workforce management for their clients. The certification demonstrates their commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for the challenges faced by multiple-employer workforces, ultimately improving security, financial control, and overall efficiency.

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